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National Judicial Branch.

Which court case gave the Supreme Court the power of Judicial Review?
a) Brown vs. The Board of Education
b) Roe vs. Wade
c) Marbury vs. Madison
d) Gideon vs. Wainwright

The power to declare something unconstitutional is known as ---
a) Judicial Review
b) Creating a bill
c) Veto powers
d) Judges Advocate

Which court has the power of judicial review?
a) US Court of Appeals
b) US District Court
c) US Supreme Court
d) US State Court

This court has original jurisdiction over federal crimes.
a) US Supreme Court
b) US Court of Appeals
c) US Felony Court
d) US District Court

Which of the following is not a court in the US Court system?
a) US District Court
b) US Military Court
c) US Court of Appeals
d) US Supreme Court

How many justices are on the Supreme Court?
a) 7
b) 9
c) 12
d) 10

What is the highest court in the land?
a) US Supreme Court
b) US Court of Appeals
c) US District Court
d) US Magistrate Court

Legislative Branch is to make laws as Judicial Branch is to--
a) Interpret Laws
b) Enforce laws
c) Design Laws
d) Make Laws

Jurisdiction that allows a court to hear a case first is known as ____ jurisdiction.
a) Appellate
b) Stationary
c) Original
d) Appeals

What jurisdiction does the US Court of Appeals have?
a) Original
b) Federal
c) Implied
d) Appellate

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