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Decline Of Feudalism.

The Magna Carta limits the power of the
a) king
b) nobles
c) peasants
d) guilds

The growth of towns increased
a) specialization and the power of feudal lords
b) the power of feudal lords and interdependnece
c) interdependence and specialization
d) interdependence only

The Magna Carta was created by
a) the king
b) nobles
c) peasants
d) guilds

Which statement summarizes the Magna Carta's solution to the kings ability to tax.
a) No one should have to pay taxes without their consent
b) Taxes and fees can be taken when the king sees it necessary
c) The king should not have the ability to tax nobles

Which is not a way labor shortages caused by the plague affect society?
a) workers could demand higher wages
b) landowners produced crops that required less labor
c) landowners imported slaves to replace farm workers
d) rural country workers moved to towns and cities

How did people link the Bubonic Plague spread
a) by getting a look from the evil eye
b) by families sharing food
c) by touching infected bodies in pits
d) by inhaling the same air as victims or looking at them

A disease that spreads across several countries or continents over a short period of time while causing massive death is called a
a) pandrina
b) panera
c) pandemic
d) pandora

What statement best explains the role guilds played in the decline of feudalism?
a) Guilds ended the process of specialization
b) Guilds replaced lords as the land owners
c) Guilds relied on barter economies
d) Guilds gave their middle-class members power

Cities and towns began to grow because...
a) Trade increased as result of the Crusades
b) A new middle class of merchants developed
c) Merchants were operating more independently from feudal lords
d) Guilds offered money to new residents

The decline of fedualism led to an economy based on
a) land
b) money
c) bartering
d) feudalism

When kings began to consolidate power governments became more
a) decentralized
b) centralized
c) feudal
d) independent

Which is not a characteristic of a nation-state?
a) common culture
b) fragmented power
c) defined border
d) central govenrment

Which democratic principle in the Magna Carta MOST directly influenced the writers of the Declaration of Independence?
a) citizens should have freedom of religion
b) people should not be ruled by a king
c) citizens have rights and government should respond to them
d) people should be able to vote on issues that affect them

The Bubonic Plague is thought to have begun in
a) Central Asia
b) Western Europe
c) Eastern Europe
d) Japan

The rise of the middle class and nation states along with the Bubonic Plague lead to
a) a decline in feudalism
b) a decline in kings power
c) an increase in fiefdoms
d) an increase in the use of slaves

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