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Which period makes up nearly all of the Cenozoic Era?
a) Tertiary
b) Quaternary
c) Ordovician
d) Silurian

During the Pennsylvanian period, large tropical swamps extended across North America, eventually forming ____.
a) vast coal deposits
b) inland seas
c) tropical rain forests
d) mountain ranges

The most common Precambrian fossils (which also produced LOTS of oxygen!) are layered mounds of calcium carbonate called ____.
a) stromatolites
b) trilobites
c) chert
d) prokaryotes

Which era is after the Precambrian?
a) Paleozoic
b) Tertiary
c) Mesozoic
d) Cenozoic

What is NOT evidence that links dinosaurs to modern birds?
a) they both lay eggs
b) presence of medulary bone in egg laying females in both dinosaurs and birds
c) both had gene for teeth
d) both had feathers

Why did many plants die at the end of the Mesozoic?
a) Dust from a meteorite collision blocked sunlight.
b) The plants were wiped out by disease.
c) The climate turned extremely dry.
d) Huge dinosaurs overgrazed the plains.

The first truly large organisms on Earth were ____.
a) cephalopods
b) lobe-finned fish
c) trilobites
d) dinosaurs

Which title best describes the current geologic age?
a) age of mammals
b) age of fishes
c) age of gymnosperms
d) age of reptiles

Which of the following lists the divisions of the geologic time scale in order from longest to shortest?
a) era, period, epoch
b) epoch, period, era
c) period, era, epoch
d) era, epoch, period

About 87 percent of Earth's history is called the ____.
a) Precambrian
b) Paleozoic
c) Cambrian
d) Cenozoic

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