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Male, Athenian citizens practiced direct democracy under the leadership of which statesman?
a) Pericles
b) Caesar
c) Tut
d) Thucydides

In ancient Greec, rulers that took power by force ,but were supported by the people, were known as
a) presidents
b) dictators
c) tyrants
d) philosophers

Which Greek scholar is known as the father of modern history?
a) Herodotus
b) Plato
c) Alexander the Great
d) Simon of Cyrene

In ancient times, the Olympics were held
a) once in summer and once in winter
b) in 10 year intervals
c) every four years
d) annually

Which island civilization created an empire based on trade and heavily influenced Greek culture?
a) the Mycenaeans
b) the Minoans
c) the Aryans
d) the Olmec

A Greek city-state was called a(n)
a) polis
b) zigguart
c) oracle
d) agora

Greek hoplites fought in a _______ formation.
a) pankration
b) pantheon
c) guerilla
d) phalanx

Who won the Greco-Persian Wars?
a) the Persians
b) the Vikings
c) the Greeks
d) the Ionians

The conquests of Alexander the Great gave rise to the
a) the Warring States Period
b) Age of Lawlessness
c) the Hellenistic Era
d) the Land of a Thousand Mortals

Most historians believe that the Minoan civilization fell as a result of
a) an agressive plague
b) poor trade
c) natural disasters
d) Viking invasions

Who fought in the Peloponnesian War?
a) all of Greece
b) Sparta and Athens only
c) the Persians and the Greeks
d) Rome and Carthage

The elevated portion of a Greek city-state was called the
a) acropolis
b) forum
c) sunnah
d) Parthenon

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