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CMA Medical Law & Ethics Review 2. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

In a legal sense, the relationship between the physician and patient could be best described as
a) contractual
b) expressed
c) social
d) a committee from the county medical society

The sharing between tow or more physicians of a patient's fee that has been given by a patient to reimburse one physician alone is called
a) fee-splitting
b) compensatory medical service
c) profit sharing
d) contract practice

Which of the following is NOT one of the four D's of negligence?
a) determination of negligence to patient
b) dereliction of duty by physician to patient
c) damages to the patient resulting from breach of duty
d) duty owed by physician to patient

In a physician-patient contract, the consideration is a term for
a) paying the fee
b) keeping an appointment
c) agreeing to have medical treatment
d) following physician's instructions for follow-up care

Artificial insemination by husband (AIH) is a procedure that
a) uses the husband's semen
b) uses a donor's semen
c) poses many legal problems
d) renders a child illegitimate

Which of the following is not an accepted practice when making corrections to a medial record?
a) use an eraser to make a neat correction
b) draw a line through the error so it is still legible
c) avoid the use of correction tape or fluid
d) note the date and time the correction was made

The type of consent in which the client is told of the complete nature and treatment of a proposed procedure as well as consequences of not having the procedure is
a) informed consent
b) implied consent
c) general consent
d) uninformed consent

In the application of the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, the burden of proving innocence is on the
a) physician
b) patient
c) facility
d) medical assistant

A contract, to be enforceable in law, must meet all of the following criteria, EXCEPT
a) any two parties
b) mutual consent
c) no mistake or fraud (legal subject matter)
d) valid consideration

Of the following, which is NOT a reason for the revocation of a physician's license?
a) ethical behavior
b) income tax evasion
c) conviction of a criminal offense
d) counterfeiting

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