Middle East, Latin America, Africa, Medieval Europe, And Age Of Exploration Question Preview (ID: 59397)

Standards 5-9.

In a feudal society, people had specific duties to perform such as:`
a) knights had absolute power to rule the kingdom
b) Peasant worked the crops on the lord's manor
c) the monarchs works in the mercantile shops
d) Guilds giving Journeymen Alms

What tool allowed the navigation across the ocean and proper use of map grid lines
a) astrolabe
b) cotton gin
c) spinning jenny
d) the steam engine

The Columbian Exchange involved all the following EXCEPT
a) peace and harmony in Europe
b) increased trade and mercantilism
c) more global interdependence
d) increased slave trade

Colonialization by Europeans countries was the main reason for
a) revolutions in Latin America
b) the spread of communism
c) the Directory
d) the government to avoid interfering with the economy

Which empire was not Islamic
a) Ottoman
b) Mughal
c) Maya
d) Safavid

The Age of Exploration led to
a) spreading Christianity
b) more spices and silk
c) glory and gold
d) all the above

The Age of Exploration led to
a) the Industrial Revolution
b) the Caste System
c) the Crusades
d) crops from Europe going to the Americas and American crops to Europe

Navigation and Map Making were enhanced due to the
a) astrolabe
b) Conquistadors
c) merchants
d) indulgences

The Age of Exploration led to
a) discovering new territories and trade routes
b) the end of Christianity
c) the Reformation
d) totalitarianism

the Silk Road was located primarily in
a) Europe
b) Asia
c) Latin America
d) mountains

Which is a term for a Spanish explorer in searching of gold and glory
a) Knight
b) Khan
c) Astrolabe
d) Conquistador

Feudalism in Europe caused
a) specific roles for everyone within their social class
b) Knights to be members of Guilds
c) the manorial system to fail
d) monarchs to have few powers in Europe

African empires were
a) synchronized due to communications along the trans-Saharan trade routes
b) restricted due to feudalism
c) were mainly Jewish in the north
d) always opposed to any kind of slavery

The Five Pillars involve all the following EXCEPT
a) Eating Vegetarian for a month
b) Muhammad is the prophet of Allah
c) Muslims should give Alms to the poor
d) expectations to pray 5 times per day

Trade along a trans-Saharan route would involve which African empires
a) Franks, Celts, Vikings
b) Pakistan, India, Bangladesh
c) Ghana, Mali, Songhai
d) Aztec, Maya, Inca

Which religions are monotheistic
a) Islam
b) Christianity
c) Judaism
d) all the above

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