Producers, Consumers, And Decomposers Question Preview (ID: 59396)

Energy Flow Through An Ecosystem.

What are overlapping food chains with different pathways for the flow of energy in an ecosystem?
a) Energy pyramid
b) Food chain
c) Food Web

___________ get their energy from eating other animals which have eaten plants.
a) Primary Consumer
b) Tertiary Consumer
c) Secondary Producer
d) Producer

Which of the following characteristics is shared by both primary and secondary consumers?
a) Uses the Sun's radiant energy to produce food
b) Eats only plants to gain needed energy
c) The first step in any food chain diagram
d) Gains energy by eating other living things

In many ecosystem the amount of energy that is transferred from one trophic level to the next is about
a) 90% to 100%
b) 33.3%
c) 50%
d) 10%

Why are decomposers such an essential part of any food web and ecosystem?
a) Decomposers recycle nutrients that keep the flow of energy going.
b) Decomposers provide the base of all energy production in the food web
c) Decomposers are responsible for keeping the numbers of herbivores in check
d) Decomposers prevent new species from coming into the system.

As one progresses from level D to A in the pyramid the amount of stored energy is
a) increase
b) decrease
c) remain the same

The series of steps in which a large fish that eats a small fish that has eaten an algae is a...
a) the food chain
b) the pyramid of biomes
c) the pyramid of numbers
d) the food web

In an energy pyramid, which way does the energy transfer?
a) From the top of the pyramid to the bottom
b) From the bottom of the pyramid to the top
c) Neither of these
d) Both of these

What is an energy pyramid used to show?
a) The layout of any organism in any order seen fit
b) The amount of energy at each trophic level
c) The amount of energy in the universe

With what type of consumer do herbivores compete with for food?
a) carnivores
b) producers
c) omnivores
d) decomposers

Which of the following is NOT an example of a decomposer
a) fungi
b) bacteria
c) hawk
d) insects

What do all food chains start with?
a) consumers
b) producers
c) omnivores
d) herbivores

What is a food web?
a) one path of what eats what in an ecosystem
b) how plants turn sunlight into sugar
c) what spiders eat
d) many interconnecting food chains

What do herbivores eat?
a) animals and plants
b) dead organisms
c) only plants
d) just animals

What do carnivores eat?
a) Only plants
b) only other animals
c) plants and animals
d) dead animals

All animals are..
a) producers
b) carnivores
c) consumers
d) omnivores

Living things that eat other living things are called...
a) consumers
b) animals
c) omnivores
d) herbivores

What is the process in which plants use sunlight to create energy?
a) Photography
b) Photosynthesis
c) Mitosis
d) Simbiosis

Why are plants called producers?
a) They make carbon dioxide
b) They make their own food
c) They decompose
d) They are omnivores

A _________ is the position an organism occupies on the food web.
a) consumer
b) trophic level
c) producer
d) energy pyramid

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