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Georgia World History Standards 1-4.

the Mongol Empire did which of the following
a) elected Kublai Khan as leader
b) conquered Constantinople
c) spread Hinduism
d) protect the Silk Road

Who unified the Mongol Empire and promoted religious tolerance
a) Genghis Khan
b) Han
c) Maurya Gupta
d) Qin

European's grew more interested in trade with Chine due to
a) Marco Polo
b) Mandate of Heaven
c) the Crusades
d) feudalism

Who spread the Greek Culture into Persia, Egypt, and parts of India
a) Alexander the Great
b) Julius Caesar
c) Genghis Khan
d) Socrates

Key aspects of the Roman Republic were
a) mercenaries ran the government
b) during the Republic the Senate was a joke and nobody paid it any attention
c) Citizens had power and influence through their elected Representative
d) citizens had no power since the emperor made all decisions

Which is TRUE about the Decline of the Roman Empire
a) the military was the strongest ever due to wiping out its mercenaries
b) inflation and taxes did not exist
c) Rome's ruler grew oppressive and corrupt
d) mythology caused wars amongst the independent city-states

The disagreement and eventual split of the Christian church between Catholics and Eastern Orthodox is referred to as
a) the Great Schism
b) the Columbian Exchange
c) the Golden Age
d) the Renaissance

A legal Code, the Hagia Sophia, and Empress Theodora all relate most to
a) Augustus Caesar
b) Alexander the Great
c) Justinian
d) Pharaoh Ramses II

The Caste System is an aspect of which religion
a) Taoism
b) Buddhism
c) Christianity
d) Hinduism

Knowing one's social position and obeying the rules of society are important aspects of which religion
a) Confucianism
b) Judaism
c) Islam
d) Monotheism

In Athens Citizens voted directly on issues that effected their city - this is called
a) Monarchy
b) Republic
c) Direct Democracy
d) Sovereignty

Which Latin American societies had complex societies before the arrival of Europeans during the Exploration Age
a) Greece and Rome
b) Maya, Aztecs, and Incas
c) China and India
d) Zulu and Egyptians

Worshipping many gods relates most to
a) pyramids and Pharaohs
b) monotheism and Judaism
c) polytheism and Hinduism
d) the Protestant Reformation

Cuneiform and Hieroglyphics were likely developed
a) to improve warfare technology
b) to worship more effectively
c) to improve methods of travel and migrate
d) to keep financial records and improve communication

Movement and Migration are exemplified by
a) the Chinese
b) the Bantu language and culture
c) the rule of law
d) agriculture and domesticated animals

Republic, Sovereignty, Emperor, and Pharaohs are all examples of
a) how society is governed
b) how people are religious
c) how an economy is operated
d) technological innovation

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