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A migratory animal is one that
a) mates for life
b) eats only vegetables
c) lays eggs
d) moves from one place to another

"We'll be late for school," Pia observed. In this sentence, observed means
a) complained
b) remarked
c) predicted
d) shouted

What is a price reduction?
a) a lower price
b) a higher price
c) a way of keeping track of prices
d) a way of figuring out how much an item should cost

To observe Thanksgiving Day is to
a) learn its history
b) celebrate it
c) remind others that it is coming
d) go to work or school on Thanksgiving Day

The manager plans to reduce his staff. He plans to
a) train his workers
b) treat his workers fairly
c) have fewer workers on his staff
d) be more strict with his workers

A business venture always involves
a) a large number of people
b) great success
c) a new store or retsaurant
d) a risk

Which word is the closest meaning to severe?
a) sorrowful
b) harsh
c) unusual
d) eerie

Where might a town be nestled?
a) in a hidden valley
b) on the top of the hill
c) on an open plain
d) on a wide, flat desert landscape

To prepare for a party is to
a) enjoy it very much
b) get ready for it
c) tell others how much fun it was
d) ask for permission to have a party

To burrow through a stack of magazines is to
a) place the magazines in a pile
b) sort the magazines into groups
c) search through magazines
d) flip lazily through the pages

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