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China History.

The man responsible for making China a Communist nation
a) Hitler
b) Gandhi
c) Mao
d) Castro

Mao led people on this event
a) Long March
b) March for salt
c) Sit in for Freedom
d) Red square Protest

CCP stands for
a) Communists Chinese Platter
b) China Cramming Politics
c) Cool Communist Party
d) Chinese Communist Party

Young high school kids were recruited into this under Mao
a) Nazi
b) Red Guards
c) Marxist Men
d) Marching Men

Mao's policy that would help China become a world power with industry and farming
a) Long March
b) Great Leap Forward
c) KKP
d) Salt March

Renew Spirits in China by getting rid of old ideas
a) Green Peace
b) Cultural Revolution
c) Red Thoughts
d) Long Revolution that will Be Great

KMT Leader of China before Mao took over
a) Chiang Kai- Shek
b) James Woo
c) Toby Wong
d) Charlie Chan

Long March lasted about ___________miles
a) 100
b) 50
c) 6000
d) 15

During Cultural revolution these were closed
a) schools
b) grocery stores
c) resturants
d) farms

Under Mao's reign many people
a) died
b) got high paying jobs
c) became educated
d) led a happy life

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