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Which organ system protects organs allow for movement, provides structure, manufactures red blood cells, and stores minerals?
a) nervous system
b) digestive system
c) skeletal system
d) muscular system

Which major organ is responsible for flow of blood through arteries, capillaries, and veins?
a) brain
b) liver
c) heart
d) lungs

Which word pair shows a similar relationship to the one in the diagram? LUNG: GAS: EXCHANGE
a) digestive system: electrical signals
b) muscle: immune response
c) kidney: water regulation
d) Endocrine system: skeletal movement

What do the kidneys and the lungs work together to do?
a) send chemical signals to muscles
b) digest food
c) remove waste from the body
d) increase oxygen levels in the circulatory system

How is the radiant energy from the sun transferred to chemical energy?
a) photosynthesis
b) the carbon cycle
c) the water cycle
d) denitrification

Which organ does the most work to regulate the amount of water in the human body?
a) liver
b) kidney
c) lungs
d) pancreas

How are the respiratory and circulatory systems related?
a) the respiratory system digests food and the circulatory systems absorbs the nutrients
b) the respiratory system pumps oxygen through the body, and the circulatory system filters out wast
c) the respiratory system controls the functions of the circulatory system
d) the respiratory takes in oxygen and the circulatory system carries the oxygen throughout the body

Someone who is frightened may feel lightheaded and his hands and feet may feel cold
a) endocrine system affecting the eyes and brain
b) nervous system affecting the circulatory system
c) digestive system affecting the heart and the skeletal system
d) respiratory system affecting the muscular system

Which pair of words is most like this one ? lung: respiration
a) kidney: water
b) blood: circulation
c) food: energy
d) stomach: digestion

Cells are the smallest living parts of an organism. Animal cells are
a) the same in all animals regardless of their purpose
b) similar if the purpose of the cell is the same
c) completely different from each other
d) the same in all reptiles and amphibians

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