Charlotte's Web Vocabulary Ch. 1-4 Question Preview (ID: 59358)

Vocabulary For Chapters 1-4 Of Charlotte's Web.

What does injustice mean?
a) against someone or something's rights
b) fair and equal
c) sad or harmful
d) rights given to someone or something

What does approached mean?
a) moved away from
b) moved to the side of
c) came close; moved near
d) moved below

What does promptly mean?
a) in a slow, steady manner
b) with little or no delay; immediately
c) late
d) to do later

What does gaze mean?
a) giving a short, quick look
b) giving a mean stare
c) making an unhappy face
d) giving a long, steady look

What does adoringly mean?
a) in a way that shows you love something very much
b) in a way that shows you do not like something at all
c) in a way that shows you wish something were different
d) in a way that shows you are unhappy

What does reconsider mean?
a) to not consider something at all
b) to consider something again; especially for a change of decision
c) to consider something one time
d) to think about something quickly

What does glutton mean?
a) a person or animal that is starving
b) a person or animal that is sick
c) a person or animal that does not eat enough
d) a person or animal that overeats

What does commotion mean?
a) a state of quiet, peaceful rest
b) a state of excitement
c) a state of confused or noisy confusion
d) a state of being upset

Which character is a glutton?
a) Templeton
b) Charlotte
c) Wilbur
d) Fern

What is the injustice in this book?
a) Fern has to go to school.
b) Avery does not get a pig to care for.
c) Wilbur is going to be killed because he is a runt.
d) Wilbur makes friends with a spider.

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