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The time needed for a wave to make one complete cycle is its
a) frequency
b) period
c) wavelength
d) amplitude

A child swings back and forth on a playground swing. If the length of the swing is shortened, the time it takes for the child to go back and forth
a) increases
b) The child complains
c) remains unchanged
d) decreases

The time for a complete to and fro swing of a pendulum is its frequency.
a) True
b) Sometime false
c) Sometimes true
d) False

The Hertz is a
a) type of car
b) unit for period
c) unit for amplitude
d) cycles per second

Which of the following is NOT a transverse wave?
a) light
b) all of the choices
c) radio wave
d) sound

When two or more waves are at the same place at the same time, the resulting effect is called
a) Doppler Effect
b) interference
c) bow wave
d) shock wave

Where can you touch a standing wave on a rope without disturbing the wave?
a) At a node
b) crest
c) At an antinode
d) At any place along the wave

Suppose a bug is jiggling up and down and moving towards you at the same time. Compared to the frequency at which the bug is emitting waves, the frequency of the waves reaching you
a) is the same
b) not enough information
c) is higher
d) is lower

If you double the frequency of a vibrating object, its period
a) is cut in half
b) doesn\'t change
c) is multiplied by 4
d) doubles

Waves transfer _______, not __________.
a) water, matter
b) none of the above
c) energy, matter
d) sound, matter

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