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Which cells have walls?
a) Animal Cells
b) Plant Cells
c) Monasteries
d) Nunneries

I fill up the cell and all the organelles are suspended in me....
a) I am the cytoskeleton
b) I am the cytoplasm
c) I am the chlorophyll
d) I am the Vacuole

Which organelle is the "waste manager" of the cell?
a) The Lysosome
b) The Mitochondria
c) The Golgi Apparatus
d) The E.R.

Jacobi is very tired and thirsty, the blood cells in her body if she becomes dehydrated will look...
a) like normal cells
b) plump
c) shrivled
d) ruptured

If Jacobi's blood cells are in an isotonic solution her cells will look....
a) normal
b) shrivled
c) plump
d) ruptured

The process by which water moves from a level of high concentration, to low concentration is called
a) hematopoeisis
b) osmosis
c) concentration gradient
d) pouring

Programed cell death is called...
a) Bad Luck
b) Apoptosis
c) Mitosis
d) Mieosis

Wich is not an organelle of a plant cell?
a) cell membrane
b) cell wall
c) vacuole
d) flagellum

Which is the appropriate order?
a) atom, molecule, organ, tissue, organ systems, organisms
b) organisms, atoms, molecules, organ, organ systems, tissues
c) atom, molecule tissue, organ, organ systems, organisms
d) organ, atoms, molecules, organ systems, tissues, organisms

What is the smallest unit of life?
a) A Cell
b) A Virus
c) An Atom
d) A Molecule

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