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a) 802.15.1
b) 802.16.1
c) 802.11.1
d) 802.3.1

WPA uses what type of security?
a) 32 bit
b) 128 bit
c) 96 bit
d) 64 bit

a) 802.11
b) 1284
c) 802.3
d) 1394

Which of these is a preventative maintenance activity?
a) Software update
b) Security policy checks
c) Training
d) Update device drivers

This type of battery must be fully discharged every so often.
a) Li-Ion
b) Li-Cad
c) NiCh
d) NiMH

What will the warranty tell me?
a) If I need a service center
b) If my battery needs to be replaced
c) What type of RAM to use
d) What speed of CPU I have

Where in Windows do I find amount of RAM?
a) POST Screen
b) Administrative tools
c) System Properties
d) BIOS Wizard

Which of these is advantage of solid state drive for laptops?
a) Lasts longer
b) More reliable
c) less power used
d) Stores more data

I can only see the my screen from the side...
a) replace backlight
b) replace video driver
c) replace video card
d) replace inverter

Which preventative maintenance task will speed up my computer?
a) replace cpu
b) run disk cleanup
c) run defrag
d) replace ram

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