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Which country split off from India along with Pakistan, then split off from Pakistan to become its own country?
a) Nepal
b) Bangladesh
c) Bhutan
d) Sri Lanka

The most Holy Books in Hinduism are called the
a) Bible
b) Quran
c) Four Vedas
d) Tao Te Ching

Which country split off from India because most of its residents were Muslim?
a) Maldives
b) Nepal
c) Sri Lanka
d) Pakistan

Which of these is the name of a Hindu religious figure?
a) Vishnu
b) Jesus
c) Muhammad
d) Amaterasu

What is it called when you achieve enlightenment in Buddhism?
a) Moksha
b) Nirvana
c) Heaven
d) Shangri La

South Asia has pretty much all of the world's biggest
a) Lakes
b) Deserts
c) Mountains
d) Horses

Which group in India is often called the 'Untouchables' in English?
a) Brahmins
b) Vaishyas
c) Shudras
d) Dalits

What super-important number was first invented in India?
a) One
b) a Million
c) Zero
d) a Googol

What does the title Buddha actually mean?
a) King of Peace
b) Pure Heart
c) Great Soul
d) Enlightened One

What is it called when you achieve enlightenment in Hinduism?
a) Moksha
b) Nirvana
c) Heaven
d) Shangri La

Which of the following religions make up less than 1% of India's population?
a) Buddhism
b) Hindu
c) Islam
d) Christianity

Which religion believes that the cause of all suffering is desire?
a) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Christianity
d) Islam

Gandhi was thrown in jail after he led thousands of people to go and make what substance?
a) bronze
b) gunpowder
c) butter
d) salt

What is the name of the belief that when you die you are reborn again into a new life?
a) Renaissance
b) Reincarnation
c) Recidivism
d) Reciprocity

Which country did Gandhi first begin to practice satyagraha?
a) Nepal
b) Burundi
c) South Africa
d) Guyana

Which of the following is a part of the Eightfold Path?
a) Constantly be on guard against desire.
b) Pray towards Mecca five times a day
c) You must worship many gods
d) Jesus is God's son

What important person had the real name of Siddhartha Gautama?
a) Nathuram Godse
b) Guru Nanak
c) Mahatma Gandhi
d) the Buddha

What does Satyagraha mean?
a) stay-calm
b) fight-hard
c) truth-force
d) strong-bad

Which religion has (or had) a caste system?
a) Hindusim
b) Buddhism
c) Islam
d) Judaism

If someone belonged to the Kshatriya caste, which jobs might they have?
a) A holy priest or teacher
b) A soldier or a queen
c) A farmer or merchant
d) A servant or worker

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