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TCP/IP is known as-
a) Technological Computing Process- similair to BIOS
b) Internet Protocol Suite- a network protocol
c) Transfer or Copy Protocol
d) A Protocol for Internet information distribution

What is XML
a) Xavier Moscoff Linburgh- helped establish rules for internet use
b) eXtra Malfunction Link- an extra to help load problemed pages
c) XHTML, but mispelled
d) Rules encoded in a document in Machine-Readable form

What is an Intranet?
a) Two or more computers connected together
b) A different format of WAN
c) A closed circuit WI-FI connection
d) An personal network that does not neccesarily follow internet protocol.

What is a Favicon?
a) a special icon next to a search bar, to take you to the home page of that search engine.
b) short for Favorites image Icon
c) Gibberish
d) A file format which defines the attributes of an icon or shortcut on your desktop

What is an IP Address?
a) binary code which does not register as human-readable.
b) Internet Protocal Adress, used to define where you want to go on the internet.
c) Internet Protocal Address, used to host or network interface.
d) an old Address Protocal that has not ever needed to be changed.

What is Validating a website?
a) Making sure the site is User-Friendly.
b) a password is required to enter the site
c) government use only
d) making sure there are no errors with the code and the doctype declaration

What does Encoding accomplish?
a) It allows special characters or character entities to display characters on a website without code
b) it makes it harder for code to be mimicked or copied
c) it makes it so files/media cannot be removed from certain cites and files
d) it is a special signiture used by web developers.

What does a Proxy server do?
a) it substitutes the use of a real server.
b) It acts as a portal to bypass encoding and restriction protocals.
c) it transfers information differently than a regular server.
d) it is a server that cannot host a website.

what is a GIF?
a) A type of Encoding
b) A special type of WORD or NOTEPAD file that performs a process
c) A type of image file-format primary used for graphics
d) A special software driver

What is a PDF?
a) Personal Data Format- protected files that need a password to access.
b) Photoshop Document Format- default save-type of Photoshop.
c) a file format designed by Adobe to transfer files between computers.
d) Pre-emtive Document Format- allows for almost all computers to access the same types of files.

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