3rd Quarter Review Question Preview (ID: 59174)

Heat To Acid Base Review.

A 3.0 M HCl(aq) solution contains a total of
a) 3.0 grams of HCl per liter of water
b) 3.0 grams of HCl per mole of solution
c) 3.0 moles of HCl per liter of solution
d) 3.0 moles of HCl per mole of water

Which term is defined as a measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles in a sample?
a) temperature
b) pressure
c) thermal energy
d) chemical energy

An oxygen molecule contains a double bond because the two atoms of oxygen share a total of
a) 1 electron
b) 2 electrons
c) 3 electrons
d) 4 electrons

Which substance can be decomposed by chemical means?
a) ammonia
b) phosphorus
c) oxygen
d) silicon

Which element is most chemically similar to chlorine?
a) Ar
b) F
c) Fr
d) S

Which two characteristics are associated with metals?
a) low first ionization energy and low electronegativity
b) low first ionization energy and high electronegativity
c) high first ionization energy and low electronegativity
d) high first ionization energy and high electronegativity

Which two particles each have a mass approximately equal to one atomic mass unit?
a) electron and neutron
b) electron and positron
c) proton and electron
d) proton and neutron

A sample composed only of atoms having the same atomic number is classified as
a) a compound
b) a solution
c) an element
d) an isomer

What is the total charge of the nucleus of a carbon atom?
a) -6
b) 0
c) +6
d) +12

According to the wave-mechanical model of the atom, electrons in an atom
a) travel in defined circles
b) are most likely found in an excited state
c) have a positive charge
d) are located in orbitals outside the nucleus

What phase changes does water undergo at 100 degrees Celsius?
a) melting and freezing
b) condensation and melting
c) vaporization and freezing
d) condensation and vaporization

A dilute, aqueous potassium nitrate solution is best classified as a
a) homogeneous compound
b) homogeneous mixture
c) heterogeneous compound
d) heterogeneous mixture

A 5.0-gram sample of zinc and a 50.-milliliter sample of hydrochloric acid are used in a chemical reaction. Which combination of these samples has the fastest reaction rate?
a) a zinc strip and 1.0 M HCl(aq)
b) a zinc strip and 3.0 M HCl(aq)
c) zinc powder and 1.0 M HCl(aq)
d) zinc powder and 3.0 M HCl(aq)

For a given reaction, adding a catalyst increases the rate of the reaction by
a) providing an alternate reaction pathway that has a higher activation energy
b) providing an alternate reaction pathway that has a lower activation energy
c) using the same reaction pathway and increasing the activation energy
d) using the same reaction pathway and decreasing the activation energy

An Arrhenius base yields which ion as the only negative ion in an aqueous solution?
a) hydride ion
b) hydrogen ion
c) hydronium ion
d) hydroxide ion

According to one acid-base theory, a water molecule acts as an acid when the water molecule
a) accepts an H+
b) donates an H+
c) accepts an OH–
d) donates an OH–

Which nuclear decay emission consists of energy, only?
a) alpha particle
b) beta particle
c) gamma radiation
d) positron

The energy released by a nuclear reaction results primarily from the
a) breaking of bonds between atoms
b) formation of bonds between atoms
c) conversion of mass into energy
d) conversion of energy into mass

Which electron configuration could represent a sodium atom in an excited state?
a) 2–8–1
b) 2–7-2
c) 1-9-1
d) 3-7-1

What is the total number of neutrons in an atom of Fe-57?
a) 26
b) 31
c) 57
d) 83

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