First Read: The Outsiders Question Preview (ID: 59149)

Review For Test.

Who is the narrator and protagonist of the Outsiders?
a) Cherry
b) Sodapop
c) Dallas
d) Johnny

Why did Johnny began to carry a switchblade?
a) Feared his father
b) Feared ghosts
c) Socs scared him
d) None of the above

What is a protagonist?
a) Evildoer
b) Hero
c) Enemy
d) None of the answers

What issues did teenagers face in the 1960s?
a) Violence
b) Prejudice
c) Class conflict
d) All answers

What are the similarities between the Socs and the Greasers? (Select the best answer)
a) Both are teenagers
b) Both lived in the same neighborhood
c) Both were afraid of losing something
d) None of the answers

What is the importance of the characters' names?
a) They're related to their personalities
b) They're related to their age
c) They're related to their gang name
d) None of the answers

Why is the Outsiders a more complex book about teenagers?
a) Class conflict
b) Culture of Violence
c) Social divides
d) All of the answers

What was name of the two rival gangs?
a) Socs and Greasers
b) Socs and Blues
c) Greasers and Cool Kids
d) None of the answers

Who helps the protagonist see Socs as people?
a) Ponyboy
b) Sodapop
c) Johnny
d) Cherry

Someone who disobeys rules is called a....
a) law-abiding
b) Rebel
c) Soc
d) None of the answers

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