Unit 1B: Westward Expansion Question Preview (ID: 59111)

Westward Expansion.

Great Britain and the United States resolved the Oregon issue by setting the boundary between them at the
a) 40 degrees N latitude
b) 49 degrees N latitude
c) 54 degrees N latitude
d) 60 degrees N latitude

Who was the commander in chief of the Texas forces?
a) Jim Bowie
b) Sam Houston
c) Stephen Austin
d) William Travis

Reports of what persuaded many Americans to settle in Oregon Country?
a) timbers, furs, and fisheries
b) free land and buffalos
c) gold, silver, copper, and iron
d) religious freedom and new churches

Which group made huge profits during the Gold Rush?
a) Merchants
b) Miners
c) Missionaries
d) Teachers

Who led the Mormon migration to the Great Salt Lake area?
a) Brigham Young
b) John Sutter
c) Joseph Smith
d) Levi Strauss

Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, the United States
a) agreed the Nueces River would be the border with Mexico
b) ceded part of California to Mexico
c) paid Mexico $15 million for Texas and other Mexican territories
d) won Florida from Spain in return for part of California

O'Sullivan describes manifest destiny as the right of
a) other nations to oppose the actions of the United States
b) New Mexico and California to become independent republics
c) the United States to expand its territory across North America
d) America to go to war with any country that opposes it

From which city did many pioneers begin their journey to Oregon Country?
a) Columbus, Ohio
b) Independence, Missouri
c) Indianapolis, Indiana
d) Salt Lake City, Utah

What were the two largest immigrant groups in San Francisco in 1853?
a) Americans and Germans
b) French and Chinese
c) French and German
d) Spanish and Chinese

What is one reason that PUSHED people to the West?
a) Forced relocation of Native Americans
b) News of gold and fertile land
c) Opportunity to start a new life
d) Timbers, furs, and fisheries

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