3rd Quarter Review #2 Question Preview (ID: 59103)

Aug 2017.

An open flask is half filled with water at 25°C. Phase equilibrium can be reached after
a) more water is added to the flask
b) the flask is stoppered
c) the temperature is decreased to 15°C
d) the temperature is increased to 35°C

Based on Table S, an atom of which element has the strongest attraction for electrons in a chemical bond?
a) carbon
b) sulfur
c) fluorine
d) selenium

Which substance is an electrolyte?
a) O2
b) Xe
c) C3H8
d) KNO3

The atoms in a sample of an element are in excited states. A bright-line spectrum is produced when these atoms
a) absorb energy
b) absorb positrons
c) emit positrons
d) emit energy

One acid-base theory defines an acid as an
a) H+ acceptor
b) H+ donor
c) H- acceptor
d) H- donor

Which phrase describes the decay modes and the half-lives of K-37 and K-42?
a) the same decay mode but different half-lives
b) the same decay mode and the same half-life
c) different decay modes and different half-lives
d) different decay modes but the same half-life

Entropy is a measure of the
a) acidity of a sample
b) disorder of a system
c) concentration of a solution
d) chemical activity of an element

Which element has six valence electrons in each of its atoms in the ground state?
a) Se
b) As
c) Kr
d) Ga

Which aqueous solution has the highest boiling point at standard pressure?
a) 1.0 M KCl(aq)
b) 1.0 M CaCl2(aq
c) 2.0 M KCl(aq
d) 2.0 M CaCl2(aq)

The collision theory states that a reaction is most likely to occur when the reactant particles collide with the proper
a) formula masses
b) molecular masses
c) density and volume
d) energy and orientation

The reaction of an Arrhenius acid with an Arrhenius base produces water and
a) a salt
b) an ester
c) an aldehyde
d) a halocarbon

In the formula XSO4, the symbol X could represent the element
a) Al
b) Ar
c) Mg
d) Na

Which list of symbols represents nonmetals, only?
a) B, Al, Ga
b) Li, Be, B
c) C, Si, Ge
d) P, S, Cl

What occurs when a magnesium atom becomes a magnesium ion?
a) Electrons are gained and the oxidation number increases.
b) Electrons are gained and the oxidation number decreases.
c) Electrons are lost and the oxidation number increases.
d) Electrons are lost and the oxidation number decreases.

At STP, which sample contains the same number of molecules as 3.0 liters of H2(g)?
a) 1.5 L of NH3(g)
b) 2.0 L of CO2(g)
c) 3.0 L of CH4(g)
d) 6.0 L of N2(g)

Which process is commonly used to separate a mixture of ethanol and water?
a) distillation
b) ionization
c) filtration
d) titration

The addition of a catalyst to a chemical reaction provides an alternate pathway that
a) increases the potential energy of reactants
b) decreases the potential energy of reactants
c) increases the activation energy
d) decreases the activation energy

What is the number of electrons in an atom that has 20 protons and 17 neutrons?
a) 37
b) 20
c) 3
d) 17

Which phrase describes two forms of solid carbon, diamond and graphite, at STP?
a) the same crystal structure and the same properties
b) the same crystal structure and different properties
c) different crystal structures and the same properties
d) different crystal structures and different properties

The mass of a proton is approximately equal to the mass of
a) an electron
b) a neutron
c) an alpha particle
d) a beta particle

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