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What did Henry Ford invent?
a) A liquid fueled rocket.
b) A telegraph
c) a Telephone
d) The assembly line to build a Model T Car

What is an assembly line?
a) a Telephone company
b) method of production where each worker has his own special job to do.
c) A telegraph system
d) A rocket manufactorer.

What did the Assembly line do for Henry Ford?
a) Helped make automobiles faster and for less money.
b) Made him poor.
c) Helped make phones
d) All of these

What did Orville and Wilbur Wright invent?
a) The assembly line
b) the telephone
c) the light bulb
d) The first successful airplane

Where did Orville and Wilbur Wright test their glider?
a) Washington, DC
b) Kitty Hawk, NC
c) New York, New York
d) Hagerstown, MD

What was the Pony Express?
a) A famous Pony race
b) A railroad
c) a mail service that used fast horses to deliver mail
d) A famous restaurant

Where did the Pony express run to?
a) From Missouri to California
b) From Maine to Florida
c) From California to Japan
d) From Canada to Mexico

Do you love your mother?
a) Sometimes
b) Never
c) Once in a While
d) Always

Do you love your CC?
a) yes
b) no
c) maybe so
d) never

Do you love your father?
a) NO
b) Yes
c) never
d) go mope

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