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What did Robert Fulton develop?
a) The first successful steamboat
b) The light bulb
c) The assembly line
d) The telephone

What was the name of Robert Fulton's steamboat
a) Clermont
b) Lazy Sue
c) Big River
d) Mississippi Pride

What did Samuel Morse invent?
a) Morse Code
b) the steam boat
c) the telephone
d) nothing

What is Morse Code
a) An african alphabet
b) A series of long and short dots and dashes.
c) A secret military language
d) A funny code

Who was Thomas Watson?
a) the man who invented Morse Code
b) The man who invented the light bulb
c) Alexander Graham Bell's assistant
d) A factory worker

Who was Alexander Graham Bell?
a) The inventor of the assembly line
b) The inventor of the telegraph
c) The man who invented the telephone
d) The man who invented Sponge Bob

What did Mr. Bell say over the telephone the first time it was used?
a) hello
b) can you hear me?
c) Are you there?
d) Mr. Watson, come here. I want you!

Where was Thomas Edison's factory located?
a) Albany, New York
b) Washington, DC
c) Menlo Park, New Jersey
d) Martinsburg, WV

What did Thomas Edison invent?
a) The light bulb
b) The telegraph
c) The telephone
d) The assembly line

What did Thomas Goddard do in 1926?
a) Invented the Model T
b) launched the space shuttle
c) Launced the first successful liquid fuel rocket.
d) Flew to the moon

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