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Define immigrant
a) A comedian
b) none of the above
c) mail service that used horses
d) A person who leaves his own country to make his home in another country

Name three reasons people might want to come to America
a) Freedom of speech, religion, and the press.
b) none of the above
c) for a better country
d) because they wanted to

What did Charles Finney do before becoming a revival preacher?
a) He was a factory worker
b) He was a brilliant lawyer
c) He made Model T cars
d) He invented the light bulb

Who was Dwight Moody?
a) a famous evangelist at the end of the 1800\'s
b) A train driver
c) a baseball player
d) a brilliant lawyer

What did Dwight Moody found?
a) The Moody Bible Institute
b) American College for Negros
c) Liberty University
d) Harvard University

What was Billy Sunday before he became an evangelist?
a) Aninventorr
b) A Famous baseball Star
c) a school teacher
d) A brilliant lawyer

Who was Adoniram Judson?
a) The Father of American Missions
b) founder of the Moody Bible Institute
c) a brilliant lawyer
d) a famous baseball star

Define industry
a) A manufactoring business that uses factories to make things.
b) none of these
c) an assembly line
d) a person who leaves his own country to make his home in another country.

How did Andrew Carnegie make his money?
a) He sold oil
b) He developed Morse Code
c) He made the Model T
d) He brought the steel industry to America

Who was John D Rockefeller?
a) He was the first billionaire who sold oil.
b) He invented the light bulb
c) He brought the steel industry to America
d) He was a famous baseball player

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