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Global History.

Which culture is credited with the development of gunpowder, the abacus, and the compass?
a) Chinese
b) Persian
c) Indian
d) Japanese

Which statement concerning the influence of geography on Japan is most accurate?
a) Widespread mineral deposits led Japan to industrialize before England.
b) The lack of natural barriers made it easy to conquer Japan.
c) Large tracts of arable land made Japan a leading agricultural exporter
d) Japan’s location allowed selective borrowing from China.

Technological achievements made during the Tang and Song dynasties were important because they
a) were used to defeat Kublai Khan
b) contributed to economic growth and cultural advancement
c) increased contact with the Americas
d) led to social equality between men and women

Which achievements are most closely associated with the Tang and Song dynasties of China?
a) wheel and stirrup
b) chinampas and calendar
c) gunpowder and movable wooden type
d) mosaics and domes

• Islamic scholars made significant contributions to astronomy. • Muslim architects excelled in design. • Schools and libraries were built in Islamic urban centers.Which conclusion about Islamic society during its Golden Age can best be supported by
a) Social status of Muslims was determined at birth.
b) Achievements relied on a knowledge of math and science.
c) People of diverse faiths were required to convert to Islam.
d) Cities developed self-sufficient economies.

Which achievements are most closely associated with the Golden Age of Islamic culture?
a) mosques, medical books, and algebra
b) gunpowder, pagodas, and silk
c) aqueducts, roads, and polytheistic temples
d) columns, theory of a sun-centered universe, and democracy

The Tang dynasty of China, the Gupta Empire of India, were similar in that each experienced a period of
a) prosperity and artistic creativity
b) feudalism and oppression
c) war and constant invasion
d) mercantilism and industrial expansion

One similarity between the Gupta Empire and the Arab dynasties of the Islamic Golden Age is that they
a) made advances in mathematics and literature
b) gained wealth by obtaining gold from the Americas
c) stressed the importance of dharma and karma
d) controlled territories around the Mediterranean seacoast

Which statement about the Tang dynasty is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) Technical advances would have been greater if the Tang dynasty had lasted longer.
b) China’s best emperors came from the Tang dynasty.
c) The Tang emperors granted government jobs to scholars who passed examinations.
d) The culture of the Tang dynasty was superior to that of the Han dynasty.

Which statement about the Islamic Golden Age is a fact rather than an opinion?
a) Islamic medicine was more advanced than Chinese medicine.
b) Poetry and literature were more important fields of study for Muslims than was mathematics.
c) Knowledge of astronomy was used by Muslims to fulfill religious obligations.
d) Islamic philosophies relied less on Greek philosophical masters than on Indian philosophical masters.

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