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The individual record of the amounts owed and paid by each patient is found in the
a) patient ledger
b) general ledger
c) worksheet
d) combined journal

The pegboard bookkeeping system is sometimes called
a) "write-it-once"
b) "single-entry"
c) "double-entry"
d) "checks and balances"

A daily journal is where
a) source documents are recorded
b) items from the general ledger are transferred
c) financial statements originate
d) the petty cash account is credited

A patients' ledger is actually a/an
a) accounts receivable ledger
b) accounts payable ledger
c) daily earnings record
d) income account

The legal term for the person who signs his or her name on the back of a check for the purpose of transferring title to the check to another person is
a) endorser
b) agent
c) restrictive
d) qualified

Collection agencies may retain up to ________% of the account collected on an overdue medical bill
a) 40 - 60
b) 20 - 30
c) 10 - 25
d) 70 - 80

Generally, medical records of a practice are classified into three groups: active files, inactive files, and closed files. After what period of inactivity is a file placed in the inactive group of files?
a) 6 months
b) 1 year
c) 5 years
d) 3 months

Which of the following names would come first when indexing a set of files?
a) Brown, J.
b) Brown, James
c) Brown, Sarah (Mrs. Brian L.)
d) Brown, Robert

The filing system that offers the most even distribution of folders throughout the file is
a) terminal-digit
b) alphabetical
c) numeric
d) color

Of the following records, which should be kept in a desk file or file cabinet for 3 years?
a) bank deposit slips
b) powers of attorney
c) promissory notes
d) passports

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