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Intro To Buffers.

What is a buffer?
a) Any salt which can ionize to produce H+ or OH- ions.
b) A molecule which can change colors, depending on pH.
c) A solution which is resistant to changes in pH.
d) A species whose net concentration does not change throughout a reaction.

Which of the following solutions can be mixed to create a buffer?
a) NaF and HF
b) HCl and NaOH
c) HClO and H2O
d) NH3 and H2O

Which of the following mixtures would NOT create a buffer?
a) H2CO3 and NaHCO3
b) HClO and NaClO
c) NH4Cl and NH3
d) NaNO3 and HNO3

A buffer is composed of HNO2 and NO2- ions. Which ion would react with added HCl to neutralize it?
a) HNO2
b) NO2-
c) H2O
d) HNO2 or NO2- could neutralize the added acid.

A buffer is no longer effective when its pH changes by:
a) 0.1 pH units
b) 1 pH unit
c) 10 pH units
d) A buffer, by definition, is always effective at neutralizing added acid or base.

Which buffer solution would have the greatest buffering capacity?
a) 1.0-M HClO and 1.0-M NaClO
b) 0.10-M HClO and 0.10-M NaClO
c) 5.0-M HClO and 0.001-M NaClO
d) All of these would have the same buffering capacity.

Which buffer below would be considered an 'ideal buffer'?
a) 0.10-M HClO and 0.10-M NaClO
b) 5.0-M HClO and 0.001-M NaClO
c) 0.10-M HCl and 0.10-M NaCl
d) More than one of these options would be an ideal buffer.

Which of the following is a characteristic of an ideal buffer?
a) It contains equal moles of acid and base.
b) It contains a weak conjugate acid-base pair.
c) The pH of the buffer solution = pKa of the acid used.
d) All of these statements are true.

Which acid should be used to prepare a buffer with a pH close to 3?
a) H2CO3 (Ka = 4.4 x10-7)
b) HNO2 (Ka = 4.5 x 10-4)
c) CH3COOH (Ka = 1.75 x10-5)
d) HCl (Ka = 1.0 x 10^8)

Which of the following is an example of a buffer system?
a) The components of your bloodstream
b) Cosmetic products, such as shampoos or contact solution.
c) Carbonated drinks and fruit juices.
d) All of the options are examples!

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