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A group of animals of the same species
a) population
b) ecology
c) group
d) community

Non Living parts of the environment
a) biotic
b) Bathyal
c) habitiat
d) abiotic

Symbiosis where one species benefits while the other is not affected
a) benthic
b) commensalism
c) parasitism
d) mutualism

Largest population size that can be supported with available resources
a) limiting resource
b) Pelagic
c) niche
d) carrying capaicity

A factor required for a population to exist but availablr in limitied quantities
a) speed limit
b) limiting resource
c) limited reproduction
d) limit of reproduction

Competition between individuals of the same species
a) intra specific competition
b) interesting competition
c) intra mural competition
d) inter specific competition

The place an organism lives
a) ecology
b) community
c) habitat
d) abyssal zone

Living parts of an environment
a) biotic
b) aphotic
c) abiotic
d) antibiotic

All aspects of a organisms lifestyle: feeding habits, living space, location
a) community
b) habitat
c) niche
d) ecology

All populations living in proximity
a) population
b) producers
c) consumers
d) community

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