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a slope of a line that increases across a plane from left to right
a) positive slope
b) negative slope
c) undefined
d) no slope

a slope tilt of a line that decreses across a plane from left to right
a) negative slope
b) no slope
c) zero slope
d) negative number

a horizontal line with no change in the y-direction
a) zero slope
b) vertical slope
c) horizontal slope
d) no slope

a vertical line with no change in the x direction
a) undefined
b) positive slope
c) vertical slope
d) zero slope

synonym for negative slope is
a) negative correlation
b) positive correlation
c) undefined
d) negative zero slope

synonym for positive slope is
a) positive correlation
b) numerator
c) rise over run
d) sloped

numerator equals zero
a) zero slope
b) undefined
c) negative number
d) rise and run

a negative ratio of rise and run
a) negative slope
b) positive slope
c) numerator
d) no x direction

denominator equals zero
a) undefined
b) zero
c) rise over run
d) mx=by

undefined is an adjective
a) true
b) false
c) dont know
d) i'll ask the coach

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