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What does the word 'environment' mean?
a) goods produced in a factory
b) cutting down trees and putting garbage into rivers
c) many cars producing pollution
d) all natural things- trees, dirt, water ect

What does 'pollution' mean?
a) presence or introduction of something harmful
b) to pull your friend on a sled
c) to protect the trees and the environment
d) to be very nice and say thank-you

What does conservation mean?
a) to talk to someone for a long time
b) to cut down many, many trees
c) to protect nature
d) a factory that uses natural resources

When we want to 'reduce', this means we are ______________________
a) cutting down the trees to make them smaller
b) using less
c) using more
d) picking up garbage from the beaches

_________ doesn't have many factories, but other places do. These factories pollute the air.
a) Saskatoon
b) Lethbridge
c) Nunavut
d) Meteghan

people use big ships to scoop up all the fish here
a) Iqaluit
b) Lethbridge
c) Meteghan
d) Saskatoon

In Saskatoon, people are worried about _____________ in the river
a) recycling
b) rocks
c) pollution
d) trees

people in Meteghan protect the environment by __________
a) recycling all their water bottles
b) cleaning up the beaches-picking up garbage
c) clearing the land of all the trees and leaves
d) fishing lots to clean out the ocean

Meewasin is a cree word for _________________
a) pollution
b) sunshine
c) conservation
d) beautiful

the more people recycle, the less there is to go into the __________
a) homes of people
b) forests
c) garbage
d) television set

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