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What is a group of organisms whose members look alike and sucessfully reproduce
a) extintion
b) hominid
c) gradualism
d) species

What is the two upper chambers of the heart?
a) cappalaries
b) ventricles
c) artria
d) veins

What is the tough outer covering of bones?
a) cartlige
b) peristeum
c) ligaments
d) joint

What shares common characteristics with gorillas
a) fossil
b) Morgan
c) homonid
d) species

What carries blood back to the heart?
a) arteries
b) veins
c) heart
d) cappalaries

What is an organisms evolutionary history?
a) kingdom
b) phylum
c) phylogeny
d) species

What great variety of plant and animal species on earth
a) class
b) kingdom
c) phylem
d) species diversity

What is a group made up of all the orders of similar species
a) classify
b) class
c) classificataion
d) clarify

What is the model of evolution showing rapid trade?
a) extinction
b) model
c) puntuated equilibrium
d) vestigial structure

A change in herdity is...
a) extinction
b) eveloution
c) species
d) change over time

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