World History: Ancient Israel Question Preview (ID: 58607)

Chapter 6: Lesson 2 Quiz Review.

The Hebrew Bible says this warrior became the first king of the Israelites.
a) David
b) Goliath
c) Samuel
d) Saul

According to the Hebrew Bible, this king of Israel was a brave warrior, successful leader, and talented poet.
a) Daniel
b) David
c) Saul
d) Solomon

The Hebrew Bible says King Solomon taxed his people heavily to
a) build great buildings
b) create tribes
c) develop education
d) give to the poor

In 722 B.C. this people caused the fall of Israel and scattered the ten tribes.
a) Assyrians
b) Canaanites
c) Chaldeans
d) Philistines

Who was a Chaldean king who captured Jerusalem and punished the Jews in 597 B.C.?
a) Nebuchadnezzar
b) Samuel
c) Saul
d) Solomon

Who was more successful in battle against the Philistines?
a) King David
b) King Saul
c) King Nebuchadnezzar
d) King Samuel

Who was the king known for his wise sayings called proverbs
a) David
b) Saul
c) Solomon
d) Nebuchadnezzar

The book of songs found in the Hebrew bible were called
a) songs
b) Psalms
c) Proverbs
d) Exodus

Who wrote the book of Psalms?
a) Solomon
b) Saul
c) David
d) Nebuchadnezzar

What happened after Solomon's death?
a) The tribes lived in peace.
b) The tribes rebelled and founded Israel and Judah.
c) The tribes chose a new king.
d) The tribes moved to a new homeland.

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