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Habitual latecomers and patients who make a habit of canceling their appointments should be scheduled
a) at the end of the day
b) first thing in the morning
c) just before lunch
d) immediately after lunch

A telephone setup where each telephone receives, initiates, and holds calls, as well as makes an intercom possible is
a) a key telephone setup
b) a PBX
c) a WATS
d) a telex

Telephone calls that may be handled by the medical assistant include all of the following except
a) patients who will not reveal symptoms
b) receiving x-ray and laboratory reports
c) routine reports from hospitals and other sources
d) ofice administration matters

The proofreader's mark that indicates a hyphen should be inserted is
a) = or - /
b) -
c) = /
d) - )

An appropriate complimentary close in a letter where the salutation is "Dear John" is
a) Cordially
b) Very sincerely yours
c) Respectfully yours
d) Yours truly

OCR is an abbreviation that is associated with
a) computers, insurance forms, and the U.S. Postal Service
b) operating room procedures
c) optometric examinations
d) orthopedic surgery

Patients with Medicaid insurance coverage must verify their eligibility every
a) month
b) two months
c) three months
d) six months

A criterion (preauthorization) statement with terms such as acute onset, or recently discovered- symptoms not present at previous examination - might be used when making what type of appointment?
a) hospital
b) referral to a specialist
c) an appointment with a gatekeeper
d) PPO

A letter printed on 8 1/2" X 11" stationery may be folded twice to fit into a large envelope, sometimes called a No.
a) 10
b) 8
c) 7
d) 6 3/4

Which of the following words are spelled incorrectly?
a) calcanius
b) capillary
c) cirrhosis
d) curettage

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