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Columbian Exchange.

Catholic missionaries from the Old World forcibly tried to do what?
a) convert the natives to Christianity
b) convert the natives to HInduism
c) convert the natives to Buddhism
d) convert the natives to Islam

The Columbian Exchange has led to the _______, or permanent loss of many plant and animal species.
a) diversity
b) proliferation
c) extinction
d) population explosion

Crops being produced in the New World and sent to the Old World caused a need for labor and brought about ___________.
a) employment agencies
b) a new trade route
c) the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
d) the Atlantic Slave Trade

Because of the introduction of new crops to the Old World from the New World that were more caloric, what happened to the population of the Old World?
a) The population dwindled.
b) The population doubled between 1650 and 1850 .
c) The population remained the same.
d) The population of the natives increased.

The Europeans brought this weapon to the New World which was no match for the spears, hatchets, bows and arrows used by the natives.
a) grenades
b) guns
c) nuclear weapons
d) Molotov cockrails

This vegetable is synonymous with Italy and pasta sauce, but was actually brought to the Old World from the New World.
a) tomatoes
b) eggplant
c) capers
d) mushrooms

This animal brought to the New World changed the way the Native Americans lived, traveled, and hunted.
a) camels
b) llamas
c) elephants
d) horses

The Columbian Exchange started in 1492 when __________arrived in what he thought was the West Indies, but it was really North America in the Bahamas.
a) Ferdinand Magellan
b) Christopher Columbus
c) Leif Erikson
d) Henry Hudson

Diseases like small pox and influenza brought from the Old World virtually wiped out the Native tribes in the New World because ______.
a) They natives didn't get their vaccines.
b) The natives were weaker than the Europeans.
c) They had no immunity from these diseases because they had never been exposed to them before.
d) The native tribes were very small already.

The Columbian Exchange was the exchange of goods, ideas, and even diseases that were swapped between the _______ and the _______.
a) Old World and New World
b) Arctic and Antarctica
c) Asia and Australia
d) men and women

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