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Review For US.

Why did the American colonists rebel against the new taxes?
a) they were responsible for the French and Indian War
b) they did not have representation in parliament
c) they lost power in the House of Commons
d) they were the only colony to pay tax

Why did the British force many new taxes on the American colonists?
a) to pay for war debt
b) to pay trade costs
c) to pay transportation costs
d) to pay industrial debt

Which European country had the biggest influence in North America?
a) Spain
b) Great Britain
c) France
d) The Netherlands

Which nation did NOT colonize North America?
a) Great Britain
b) France
c) Germany
d) The Netherlands

Which nation established the first permanent settlement in North America?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Great Britain
d) The Netherlands

Which is NOT a branch of the federal government?
a) confederation
b) legislative
c) executive
d) judicial

Where did the original inhabitants of the US migrate from?*
a) Africa
b) Asia
c) Europe
d) Australia

What form of government does the US have?
a) constitutional monarchy
b) constitutional federal republic
c) constitutional communist republic
d) constitutional unlimited republic

What is the capital city of the US?
a) Washington D.C.
b) New York
c) Philadelpia
d) Boston

What ocean borders the east coast of the US?
a) Atlantic
b) Pacific
c) Indian
d) Arctic

What ocean borders the west coast of the US?
a) Pacific
b) Atlantic
c) Arctic
d) Caribbean

What nation borders the US to the north?
a) Canada
b) Mexico
c) Russia
d) Europe

What nation borders the US to the south?
a) Mexico
b) Canada
c) South America
d) Hawaii

Which US state is located in the Pacific Ocean?
a) Hawaii
b) Puerto Rico
c) Alaska
d) Oregon

Which is NOT a US state?
a) Puerto Rico
b) Hawaii
c) California
d) Alaska

What ethnic group makes up the smallest percentage of the US population?
a) Native American
b) African American
c) European American
d) Asian American

What is the primary language spoken in the US?
a) English
b) Spanish
c) German
d) British

Which religious group has the biggest population in the US?
a) Catholic
b) Muslim
c) Jewish
d) Baptist

Which is NOT a distinctive US holiday?
a) Easter
b) Labor Day
c) Memorial Day
d) Thanksgiving

Which sport did NOT originate in the US?
a) Soccer
b) Football
c) Basketball
d) Baseball

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