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The large computer capable of handling hundreds of users is called
a) mainframe
b) processor
c) hardware
d) database

The read only memory (ROM) is ____________ memory
a) permanent
b) termporary
c) very termperamental
d) output

A cursor refers to
a) the blinking dash that show where information will be entered
b) set of printing jobs waiting
c) someone who just failed a pharmacology test
d) a database management system

A term for time-saving keystrokes that perform a specific function is
a) macro
b) merge
c) formula
d) function

Data that uses any combination of letters, numbers or symbols is
a) alphanumeric
b) logical
c) numeric
d) alphabetic

When reviewing progress notes in the medical record, the
a) subjective
b) signs
c) symptoms
d) security

The medical chart is a __________ system for recording each patient's medical care
a) chronological
b) complicated
c) convenient
d) flawless

The primary reason for seeking medical care is known as the
a) cheif complaint
b) prognosis
c) assessment
d) diagnosis

Which of the following salutation examples would represent open punctuation?
a) Dear Dr. Smith
b) Dear Sir or Madam:
c) To whom it may concern:
d) Dear Ms. Lee:

A subject line in a letter
a) is placed on the second line below the salutation
b) must be typed in capital letters
c) must be centered
d) is placed on the second line below the inside address

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