AC Voltage Question Preview (ID: 58486)

Alternating Voltage Test.

The unit of current is
a) Volt (V)
b) Ampere (A)
c) Watt (W)
d) Hertz (Hz)

The horizontal sensitivity ( Time Base ) is used to determine
a) period
b) voltage
c) Maximum voltage
d) current

The voltage supplied by the mains of EDL is characterized by
a) only 50 hertz
b) All choices
c) only alternating sinusoidal of maximum voltage 310 V
d) Only alternating voltage of of effective voltage 220 V

Vertical sensitivity is used to determine
a) Maximium Voltage
b) Period
c) Frequency
d) Effective voltage

Frequency is defined
a) All Choices
b) the needed to do one cycle
c) it is voltage per current
d) Number of cycles per unit of time

the formula to determine Effective voltage is
a) I/U
b) Umax/√2
c) SVx Y
d) 1/T

The unit of period is
a) hertz (Hz)
b) Voltage (V)
c) second (sec)
d) Ampere ( A)

The unit of vertical sensitivity is
a) V/div
b) Sec
c) sec/div
d) div

The Effective voltage is measured by
a) Multimeter
b) oscilloscope
c) Ohmmeter
d) Non of All

the unit of horizantal sensitivity is
a) Sec/v
b) V/div
c) Sec/div
d) sec

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