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Which statement describes the reason for US imperialism?
a) The US needed new markets and resources
b) The US wanted to prevent the spread of communism
c) The US wanted to be the first colonial power
d) The US wanted to open trade with China

What do the Monore Doctrine and the Roosevelt Collorary have in common?
a) The US is destined to be involved in world politics
b) The US should be an imperial power
c) The US should protect the Western Hemisphere and will intervene if necessary
d) The US should maintain peace with other nations

How was the US able to own the rights to the Panama Canal?
a) They won the Spanish-American War
b) They created a Panamian Revolution to break away from Columbia
c) They stole it from the French
d) They went to war with Colombia and won

This policy caused China to open trade to all countries.
a) The Roosevelt Collary
b) The Monroe Doctrine
c) Moral Diplomacy
d) Open Door Policy

This policy took freedom of speech away during WWI.
a) Open Door Policy
b) Espionage and Sedition Acts
c) Eisenhower Doctrine
d) Containment

The reason the US did not join the League of Nations at the end of WWI.
a) They believed it would pull the US into another European war.
b) Because it was not a part of the Fourteen Points
c) The US lost the war
d) The allies did not want US involvement

The failure of Prohibition shows that
a) People do not respect any US laws
b) Checks and balances do not work
c) Mobsters are always looking for a way to make money
d) People will ignore laws made on their morals

This was the time period where African American artists were recognized.
a) The Cold War
b) The Roaring Twenties
c) The Harlem Renaissance
d) The Dust Bowl

This was President Wilson's list of peace treaty ideas.
a) The Containment Policy
b) Fourteen Points
c) Treaty of Versailles
d) Popular Sovereignty

The US gained these colonies as a result of the Spanish-American War.
a) Cuba, Hawaii, Philippines
b) Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam
c) Cuba, Guam, Philippines
d) Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippines

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