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Where can you see lines of latitude and longitude?
a) on maps only
b) along the borders of countries and states
c) at the bottom of the sea
d) at the equator and the North and South Poles

In what locations can a GPS function?
a) on land, but not on the ocean
b) in all areas where cell phones work, but not areas without cell coverage
c) in areas with marked roads, but not in the wilderness
d) virtually everywhere on Earth

Why shouldn't you post personal information on your blog?
a) Personal information can be used to harass or threaten you.
b) People won't read your blog if they know who you are.
c) The best blogs are written anonymously.
d) Only famous authors use their real names online.

If you wanted to read the latest entry on a blog, where would you usually look?
a) at the top of the page
b) on the right side of the page
c) on the left side of the page

URL stands for:
a) Uniform Reference Locator
b) Uniform Resource Locator
c) Unreliable Resource Logon

Something that you will never see in a URL
a) spaces
b) tilde
c) slashes

An input device with keys that have letters, numbers, or symbols which are used to enter information into a computer
a) click
b) logon
c) keyboards

a small image on the desktop that represents a program, file, or document
a) folder
b) program
c) icon

program material for computers; instructions to the CPU to tell it what to do with the data it receives
a) hardware
b) software
c) CPU

exiting programs and disconnecting from the computer network system
a) logoff
b) menu
c) password

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