Types Of Poems Continued Question Preview (ID: 5806)

8th Grade.[print questions]

Where did haiku poems orginate?
a) Iran
b) Japan
c) England
d) China

Contemporary Authors tend to use this form of poetry most?
a) Ballad
b) Concrete
c) Free Verse
d) Narrative

What type of poem tells a story
a) Haiku
b) Narrative
c) Free Verse
d) Allegory

Which type of poetry is similar to a tall-tale?
a) Ballad
b) Bio
c) Free Verse
d) Allegory

How are acostic and ABC poems different?
a) Abc poems are alphabetical and acostic use a word.
b) Abc poems use a word and acostic are aphabetical.
c) Abc poems and acostic poems are the same.
d) Acostic poems do not spell words down the page like abc poems do.

If I wanted to create a poem in the shape of a dog I would write this type of poem?
a) Acrostic
b) Haiku
c) Concrete
d) Bio

If I wanted to write a poem about my first day of school which poem would I write?
a) Limerick
b) Ballad
c) Free Verse
d) Narraive

What is the purpose of meter?
a) It add a beat and sometimes rhyme to a poem.
b) It adds rhyme to a poem.
c) It makes the poem's mood sad.
d) It makes the poem's mood happy.

The Irish are known for:
a) Ballads
b) Haikus
c) Free Verses
d) Limericks

This poem has a deeper meaning than just the surface one.
a) Allegory
b) Ballad
c) Narrative
d) Limerick

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