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What document is a symbol of the first United States government?
a) The Articles of Confederation
b) Mayflower Compact
c) The Constitution
d) The Declaration of Independence

Which branch of government has the most power?
a) Executive
b) Legislative
c) Judicial
d) none

The right of individuals to speak their views without restrictions is part of which amendment?
a) First Amendment
b) Eighth Amendment
c) Sixth Amendment
d) Fifth Amendment

The right of accused persons not to be tried/accused twice for the same crime is known as what?
a) Fair trial
b) Jury Duty
c) Double Jeopardy
d) Freedom of speech

The ways in which one branch of government influences and limits the actions of the other branches are called ____________.
a) Separation of Powers
b) freedom of government
c) powers division
d) checks and balances

Which branch of government has the power to coin money, declare war and regulate trade between states and
a) Executive
b) Legislative
c) Judicial
d) all of them

ratify : accept :: veto : _____________________
a) reject
b) defend
c) modify
d) consider

justice : injustice :: freedom : _______
a) liberty
b) allegience
c) pledge
d) slavery

teacher : classroom :: judge : _______
a) law
b) jury
c) lawyer
d) courtroom

legislative branch : House of Representatives :: judicial branch : _____________________
a) Speaker of the House
b) Supreme Court
c) President
d) Senate

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