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A strong surface wind is blowing from Salem toward Roanoke. Roanoke has a barometric pressure of 1015 millibars. The barometric pressure in Salem would most likely be
a) 998 mb
b) 1028 mb
c) 1015 mb
d) 1005 mb

In Roanoke, if the temperature of the atmosphere increases, the air pressure will most likely
a) decrease
b) both increase and decrease
c) remain the same
d) increase

The factor that most directly affects the wind speed between two locations is
a) the Coriolis Effect
b) the dewpoint temperature
c) amount of cloud cover
d) air pressure

On May 11, 2008 in the afternoon, the barometric pressure fell rapidly. This indicated
a) the humidity was decreasing
b) decreasing temperatures
c) approaching storms with high winds and hail
d) the sky was becoming clear

Clouds form when
a) air is at or below its dewpoint and condensation nuclei are present
b) water vapor does not condense and no condensation nuclei are present
c) the sky has been clear for a long period of time
d) the Earth is rotating the slowest

The weather map shows isobars very close together (a steep pressure gradient). Which of these is most likely occurring?
a) very low temperatures
b) low visibility
c) strong winds
d) very dry air

As the wind velocity decreases, the distance between the isobars on the weather map will
a) remain the same
b) not change
c) decrease
d) increase

Which factor is most directly related to wind velocity?
a) the pressure gradient
b) the type of clouds
c) the dewpoint temperature
d) the relative humidity

On May 10, in Roanoke, the barometric pressure was 29.88 inches and rising. This reading most likely indicates
a) an approaching storm
b) rapidly clearing skies
c) a tornado approaching
d) slowly improving conditions

Air pressure is usually highest when the air is
a) warm and humid
b) warm and dry
c) cold and humid
d) cold and dry

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