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In the plate tectonic theory, a plate can be made up of ____.
a) both continental and oceanic lithosphere
b) oceanic lithosphere only
c) both continental and oceanic asthenosphere
d) continental lithosphere only

The source of energy for plate tectonics is
a) convection currents
b) magma
c) the sun
d) the rock cycle

Why are subduction zones not commonly found at convergent continental-continental boundaries?
a) Continental lithosphere is too light to be forced down into the mantle.
b) Oceanic lithosphere is too light to be forced down into the mantle.
c) Subduction zones are never found at convergent boundaries.
d) Continental lithosphere is too dense to be forced down into the mantle.

A divergent boundary at two oceanic plates can result in ____.
a) new crust being created
b) subduction zone
c) volcanic island arc
d) continental volcanic arc

The lithospheric plates move an average of ____.
a) 5 centimeters per year
b) 50 inches per year
c) 5 inches per year
d) 50 centimeters per year

One kind of evidence that supports Wegener's hypothesis is that ____.
a) fossils of the same organism have been found on different continents
b) the same magnetic directions exist on different continents
c) major rivers on different continents match
d) land bridges still exist that connect major continents

How does the age of seafloor change the farther you go from the ocean ridge?
a) Age increases.
b) Age varies without a pattern.
c) Age decreases.
d) Age stays the same.

What kind of plate boundary occurs where two plates grind past each other without destroying or producing lithosphere?
a) transform fault boundary
b) transitional boundary
c) divergent boundary
d) convergent boundary

The Himalayas in between India and South Asia are an example of what type of plate boundary?
a) convergent continental-continental boundary
b) convergent oceanic-continental boundary
c) transform fault boundary
d) divergent boundary

Evidence about ancient climates indicates that ____.
a) a single ice sheet once covered parts of South America, Africa, India, and Australia
b) continents in the Southern Hemisphere today were once centered over the North Pole
c) no continents occupied the Southern Hemisphere
d) continents in the Northern Hemisphere today were once centered over the South Pole

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