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Earthquakes are usually associated with ____.
a) faults
b) large cities
c) the east coast of North America
d) violent weather

Overall, which seismic waves are the most destructive?
a) surface waves
b) compression waves
c) P-waves
d) S-waves

A seismogram shows that P waves travel ____.
a) faster than S waves
b) at the same speed as S waves
c) more slowly than S waves
d) at the same speed as surface waves

After a major earthquake, the ground tries to adjust itself, often creating smaller earthquakes. These are called:
a) aftershocks
b) body waves
c) foreshocks
d) surface waves

Tsunamis are ____.
a) often generated by movements of the ocean floor
b) waves that cannot cause damage on land
c) never able to occur due to something falling into the ocean.
d) also known as tidal waves

How much stronger is an earthquake measuring 5.4 on the Richter scale compared to one measuring 4.4?
a) 10
b) 2
c) 100
d) 20

Which is most dangerous place to be during a tsunami?
a) in a boat close to shore
b) far inland
c) up high, such as a tall building or a mountain
d) in a boat over where the tsunami started

Long-range earthquake forecasts are based on the idea that earthquakes are ____.
a) repetitive
b) fully understood
c) destructive
d) random

Through which Earth layer are S waves NOT transmitted?
a) outer core
b) continental crust
c) inner core
d) ocean crust

In areas where loose sediments are saturated with water, earthquakes can turn stable soil into a fluid like quicksand through a process called ____.
a) liquefaction
b) tidal effect
c) underwater landslide
d) fault creep

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