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What EVIDENCE could best support this CLAIM: A geologic natural hazard can impact a large number of people.
a) a photo of mud-slides on the California coast; PLUS a graph of increasing house values in Eastern California
b) a pie-chart of all natural hazards; PLUS a map of recent earthquake activity in the area
c) a chart of increasing recent hospital admittances by date; PLUS a map of recent earthquake activity in the area
d) a bar-chart of refugees in an area; PLUS a photo of a war-zone

Flooding can deprive animals of their natural habitat. --In what part of a Lab Report does that statement belong?
a) Link
b) Evidence
c) Claim
d) Validate

Which response best provides REASONING for this CLAIM: A map can help people find out whether their house is at risk for flooding.
a) Many homes in the 1800s flooded and got moldy, because they didn't use maps.
b) The closer a home is built near to the sea, the higher the risk of flooding during a storm surge.
c) Obviously, maps are helpful for many uses, like driving routes or locating a safe neighborhood to build your home.
d) Flooding is dangerous.

Which information would help most in choosing where to buy a house without flooding or earthquakes?
a) a map that includes land-elevation and location of faults
b) a graph of the number of earthquakes and floods in the last ten years
c) a map that shows typical rainfall and location of volcanic activity
d) a graph of how much damage is caused by earthquakes compared with floods

Tornadoes form when warm moist air contacts cold dry air. --This is an example of a:
a) false EVIDENCE
b) true EVIDENCE
c) false CLAIM
d) true CLAIM

Which event can produce an earthquake?
a) the violent shaking of sections of the lithosphere
b) movement of tectonic plates along a boundary
c) convection of hot rock deep within the mantle
d) the crash of tsunamis against a shoreline

Which CLAIM reflects damage typical for hurricanes?
a) Lightning damages many buildings.
b) Buildings and bridges collapse without warning.
c) Air quality becomes unsafe for many people.
d) Many structures are damaged by flooding and wind.

Which question does the information on an earthquake-location map help answer?
a) What will be the strength of the next earthquake?
b) When will the next earthquake happen?
c) Where are earthquakes likely in the future?
d) How often do earthquakes happen?

Which of the following is specifically EVIDENCE of volcanic activity?
a) video footage of sudden crumbling of buildings
b) photos of erosion of land along coasts and rivers
c) video footage of areas being covered by ash and concrete-like mudslides
d) photos of damage from flooding and wind

Which best starts the REASONING section of how a tsunami in Africa began?
a) From the data, we see that an earthquake beneath the ocean started the chain reaction where...
b) Large meteorites in the ocean create tsunamis...
c) A sudden violent windstorm above the ocean water can create a tsunami...
d) The figures above show that a typhoon moving from the Indian Ocean toward India caused a...

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