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During the Cold War Era, many Asian and African nations followed a policy of nonalignment because they
a) had the same goals and needs as the Soviet Union
b) needed the natural resources of Western European nations
c) needed the natural resources of Western European nations
d) were afraid of losing their vote in the United Nations

“We believe in nonaggression and noninterference by one country in the affairs of another and the growth of tolerance between them and the capacity for peaceful coexistence. Nehru
a) imperialism
b) mercantilism
c) isolationism
d) nonalignment

Which is a major reason Cuban and Nicaraguan revolutionary movements were attracted to communism?
a) communist groups promised economic reform and better living standards
b) business owners and the military were supported by communist groups
c) the goal of communism was to encourage religion
d) communist leaders promised to reduce Spanish colonialism in the Western Hemisphere

The main reason the United Nations sent troops to Korea in 1950 was to
a) ensure that food reached areas of the Korean Peninsula affected by famine
b) prevent North Korea from conquering the people of South Korea
c) force the inspection of nuclear weapons plants in North Korea
d) restore peace between warring factions of Buddhism and Shinto

-Berlin Blockade (1948-1949), Premier Khrushchev’s visit to the United States (1959), Cuban missile crisis (1962), Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (1963)
a) throughout the period, the United States and the Soviet Union were reluctant to solve conflicts
b) the level of tension between the United States and the Soviet Union varied
c) economics played a key role in causing conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union
d) the United Nations was instrumental in reducing tensions between the United States and the Soviet Un

From the perspective of the North Vietnamese, the war in Vietnam in the 1960’s was a battle between
a) fascism and liberalism
b) nationalism and imperialism
c) republicanism and totalitarianism
d) republicanism and totalitarianism

Which headline concerning the Soviet Union refers to a Cold War event?
a) “Yeltsin Assumes Power”
b) “Trotsky Forms Red Army"
c) “Germany Invades USSR”
d) “Warsaw Pact Formed”

In the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin’s New Economic Policy (NEP) and Mikhail Gorbachev’s policy of Perestroika both sought to
a) increase spending of nuclear weapons
b) strengthen central planning
c) increase production through individual enterprise
d) reduce the influence of middle-class farmers

During the 1980’s in the Soviet Union, a major element of the economic policy of Perestroika was
a) increased collectivization of farms
b) more reliance on local and regional decision making
c) the expanded use of national Five-Year plans
d) an emphasis on the redistribution of wealth

Events in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s reflect a nationalist trend of
a) dividing nations along ethnic lines
b) encouraging multiethnic cooperation
c) uniting nations with similar interests
d) supporting the development of a command economy

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