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If an inmate spends 23.5 hours a day in his cell, he is probably in a _________________ facility.
a) Minimum
b) Medium
c) Maximum
d) Super-Maximum

A suspect who is awaiting questioning is usually held in:
a) Lock up
b) Jail
c) Prison
d) A classification facility

Inmates who are awaiting trial, recently convicted, or serving short-term (1 yr. or less) sentences are placed in:
a) Minimum security prisons
b) Jails
c) Lock ups
d) Classification facilities

The purpose of a classification facility is to:
a) Temporarily hold pre-trial and recently convicted inmates
b) Provide a high-security unit for the most dangerous offenders
c) Prepare inmates for release back into society
d) Assess the needs and risks of inmates to determine their best placement

In which of the following facilities would inmates most likely live in dorms or barracks?
a) A classification facility
b) A supermax prison
c) A maximum security prison
d) A medium security prison

In which type of facility are inmates allowed to leave for work or study purposes?
a) Low security prison
b) Minimum security prison
c) Medium security prison
d) Classification facility

One difference between jails and lock ups is:
a) Jails house long-term offenders and lock ups house offenders with sentences less than 1 year
b) Jails hold pre-trial offenders and lock ups hold suspects for questioning
c) Lock ups hold inmates before they attend trial and jails hold inmates after they have been convic
d) There is actually no significant difference between jails and lock ups

Which of the following most accurately explains the rate of execution of death row inmates in America over the past 60 years?
a) The rate has remained constant from 1950 – 2008
b) The rate has increased drastically from 1950 – 2008
c) The rate has slightly decreased from 1950 – 2008
d) The rate has significantly decreased from 1950 – 2008

Which of the following is not a possible reason for the high suicide rates in jails?
a) The time of the "unknown" is too difficult for some pre-trial inmates to handle
b) Jails offer few programs and work opportunities for inmates
c) Some inmates cannot handle their recent convictions in jail
d) Jails have poor security measures

Which of the following types of crimes makes up the largest percentage of crime committed in America?
a) Drug crimes
b) Property crimes
c) Violent crimes
d) Public order crimes

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