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Which choice uses the MOST vivid language?
a) The little bird shook as the big black cat came walking through the bushes.
b) The tiny bird trembled with fear as the menacing black cat lurked through the bushes with stealth.
c) The blue bird was nervous as the large black cat approached.
d) The small bird paniced as the hungry cat came nearer and nearer.

Persuasion: All the cool kids eat at Pop's hamburger joint, where we have the coolest food around!
a) stereotyping
b) endorsement
c) bandwagon
d) association

Figurative language: His voice was sweet like honey and smooth as butter.
a) personification
b) metaphor
c) idiom
d) simile

Which of the following uses association to pursuade the reader?
a) Katy Perry uses Proactive.
b) McDonald's. I'm lovin' it!
c) Do you want beautiful, flawless skin? Only Mabelline can produce those results.
d) Do you really want your kids to eat a canned soup with over 1000mgs of sodium?

Figurative language: If you don't stop messing with me, I'm gonna give you a taste of your own medicine!
a) idiom
b) personification
c) simile
d) metaphor

If you wanted to find out what a "quinoa" is, you should search:
a) online website
b) encyclopedia
c) thesaurus
d) dictionary

If you want to find out where quinoas grow, what type of light is best for them, and when to plant, you would look:
a) atlas
b) thesaurus
c) online search for "quinoas"
d) dictionary

Which contains the most vivid description?
a) Jana came down the curvy stairs in a beautiful long green dress that had rhinestones.
b) Jana elegantly descended the winding staircase in a jewel-encrusted floor-length gown of emerald.
c) Jana slowly walked down the long curved staircase in a sparkling green evening gown.
d) Jana arrived downstairs in a lovely green dress that glittered and touched the floor.

In what instance would you use a thesaurus?
a) To find out how many miles it is from Detroit to Chicago
b) To find out when the cotton gin was invented
c) To find out what "gregarious" means
d) To find more descriptive words for "beautiful"

Figurative language: It seemed even the wind was singing a sad, mournful song that day.
a) Idiom
b) Simile
c) Personification
d) Metaphor

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