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Which of the following is a type of frost action?
a) abrasion
b) gravity
c) ice wedging
d) oxidation

Which of the following types of chemical weathering causes a karst landscape, such as a cavern?
a) lichens
b) water
c) acids in groundwater
d) acid precipitation

How do lichens slowly break down a rock?
a) by abrasion
b) by chemical weathering
c) by ice wedging
d) by mechanical weathering

Which of these is most likely to experience oxidation?
a) tennis ball
b) bicycle tire
c) wooden fense
d) aluminum can

Chemical weathering is most rapid in areas that are
a) hot and dry
b) warm and wet
c) cold and dry
d) cool and wet

Which rocks are exposed to more wind, rain, and ice?
a) rocks at a lower elevation
b) rocks at a higher elevation
c) rocks in streams
d) rocks in a warm, humid climate

What is the arrangement of soil particles called?
a) soil structure
b) soil texture
c) soil particles
d) infiltration

What is the organic material formed in soil from the decayed remains of plants and animals called?
a) bedrock
b) parent rock
c) residual soil
d) humus

The removal from soil of substances that can be dissolved in water is called
a) leaching
b) infiltration
c) horizons
d) transporting

Soil that has a pH of 9 would be considered
a) acidic
b) basic
c) neutral
d) abrasive

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