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Acceleration is
a) Rate at which position changes
b) Rate at which distance changes
c) Rate at which time changes
d) Rate at which velocity changes

The slope of a speed-time graph is
a) Acceleration
b) Motion
c) Distance
d) Velocity

_______________________ is an acceleration that slows an object down.
a) Velocity
b) Force
c) Deceleration
d) Acceleration

If an Olympic swimmer swims 50 meters in 25 seconds, what is the swimmer's speed?
a) 0.5 m/s
b) 2 m
c) 2 m/s
d) 0.5 m

What is the acceleration of a plane that increases its speed from 800 m/s while taxiing down the runway to 1000 m/s in 5 sec?
a) 200 m/s/s
b) 0 m/s/s
c) 40 m/s/s
d) 160 m/s/s

If you are driving at 50 km/hr and you had to travel 425 km, how long would it take you?
a) 8.5 hr
b) 21250 m/hr
c) 21250 hr
d) 8.5 m/hr

You can calculate acceleration by___________________
a) adding change in velocity and time
b) dividing change in velocity by time
c) subtracting time from change in velocity
d) multiplying change in velocity by time

Displacement is
a) the same as distance
b) the same as motion
c) the path taken between two points
d) the shortest distance between two points

A horse runs at an average speed of 5 m/s for 20 sec in a race. What was the distance the horse ran?
a) 4 m
b) 25 m
c) 100 m
d) 0.25 m

The length of time that passes from one event to another is
a) average speed
b) constant time
c) constant speed
d) elapsed time

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